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Great Violin Links
Michael Darnton Violin Maker
Excellent website on violin/viola making


斯卡哈本子Quality String Instruments, Cases, Bows and Accessories
Luthier Tools and Supplies

斯卡哈本子For musicians (student and professional)

Quality handmade string instruments and related accessories.

Some have inquired about how to choose a violin. You maywant to read this helpful article on buyinga violin. Although the article tailors to violins, thesame concepts apply to other string instruments.

There is certainly a world of difference between an instrumentmade by machine and one made by hand. Our string instrumentsare handcrafted by a number of well established makers includingSamueland Andreas Eastman, Ivan Dunov,Albert Nebel, Rudoulf Doetsch, Wilhelm Klier, and Frederich Wyss,and Heffler Klaus.These instruments represent some of the best in tonal quality and craftmanship.

When you purchase an instrument from us, we have professionalwell-established luthiers to set up your instrument forperformance.

For instrument makers (apprentices and luthiers)- Quality tools and supplies and educational materials formaking and restoring string instruments.

All products are reasonably priced. We guaranteeeverything that we sell.

Please Email usif you have any questions or comments, or if you would likeour advice. If there are products that you do not see listed,please inquire. We are here to provide personal serviceto you. We are also committed to keep customer informationconfidential.


Lemuel Huang
Tel:  (226) 289-6543

Hi Lemuel,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoyingmy new upright bass. Thank you for all of your patiencein answering my many questions. I really appreciatethe extra efforts you took to give me the straightfacts so I could make wise and informed choices. Youlistened carefully to my likes/dislikes to help mefind the right instrument, then collaborated withyour excellent luthiers to ensure everything was setup just right. The bass played great right out ofthe box and I can't get enough of the rich, soulfulsounds that it makes. Finding the perfect instrumentshould not have been this easy, but it was. Thanksagain, and you can definitely count me as one veryhappy customer. -
Richard Snow, Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

(Customer testimonials used with permission)

Professional Quality Violin Fittings

Les Bois d'Harmonie Tailpieces. We carry professional fine tailpieces with built-incarbon-fiber fine-tuners for advanced musicians. Available in Hill and French styles, ebony,rosewood, boxwood and pernambuco. Made in France.Click here for pricing.

Otto Tempel FittingsMuch sought by professional musicans all over the world, these highquality fittings are made with the highest quality materials andworkmanship. Made in Germany.

Click the following links for: Pegs, Tailpieces, Chinrests and Endpin

Otto Tempel Violin Ebony Fittings Set


ChristopherDouble Basses on Sale

We have a limited number of laminated and solid Christopherdouble basses left on sale. Clickhere for more information.


We carry a complete line of spruceand maple tonewood such as maple neck blocks, spruce tops,maple back and ribs and other partsfor making string instruments. Different qualities and agingare available, mostly for violins and violas. We have limitedstock for cello and basses. Most of our tonewood comes fromEurope (Balkan-Bosnia and Alpine forests). Finally, we havelimited Sitka spruce tops for bass.


For luthiers finishing or restoring stringed instruments

We have a complete line of different colored JOHA(Joseph Hammerl) spirit and oil varnishes made in Germany.See our large selection of Gums,Resins, Lacs, Natural Dyes and more. for making yourown varnishes. In addition, we also carry high quality naturalvarnish brushes and other varnishing supplies.

For those wanting to know more information about makingvarnishes, we highly recommend the book "ViolinVarnishes", by Josef and Reiner Hammerl. In addition,for those interested in restoring old and damaged instruments,and improving the appearance of finishes, we highly recommend"TheArt of Violin Retouching / Layers, Colors and Depth"by Brian Epp , an excellent treatise on the subjectthat will help increase the value of your instrument.

Click  Image to Enlarge

***NEW Products for 2020***

GEWA Brandenburg German Style ViolinsGEWA Brandenburg German Style Violins
German style violin with beautiful rich, brilliant tone.Click here for details.

See this violin and other GEWA Violins

Unvarnished White European ViolinsUnvarnished White European Violins
Beautifully made European violins ready to varnish. Excellent workmanship and materials.Available in Strad, Kaschinski Strad and Guarneri styles.

Click here for details.
GEWA Prestige Cello and Bass BagsGEWA Prestige Cello and Bass Bags
Made of quality genuine Cordura materials that is tear proof and provides water protection, along with good interior padding,your instrument is well protected at an affordable price.

Click here for details.
BENDER Cello EndpinBENDER Cello Endpin
Klaus Bender has designed a unique high-tech, light-weight cello endpin.The aluminum cone is threaded into the cello rather than push fitted,improving the contact between cello and endpin, which improves cello tone.

Click here for details.

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