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Indiana’s tech ecosystem — and many others around the country — are aggressively growing, offering positions across all industry sectors and all levels within them. That means this is the perfect time to get or enhance your tech or tech-adjacent skills.Tech has infiltrated virtually every aspect of our daily, as well as business lives. Every company these days is or is becoming a tech company, and every employee must have a modicum of tech skills. The IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology can help guide and support you through this journey to career opportunity, help you build and grow a network of support to last throughout your career. Take advantage of it. You’ll be better for it, and so will Indiana.

Mike Langellier, President & CEO, TechPoint

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IU Bloomington offers a wide variety of tech classes each semester. Click "Find a tech course" to learn more about your options, including:

  • 第二次也很美全集免费 and
  • 55 introductory tech courses with no prerequisites.

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