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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jersey & Small Business health Insurance

萧阳龙王殿Small Businesses Forced to Drop Health Coverage as Insurance
Costs Soar 11.3 Percent in 2006, 80 Percent over Five Years

News Release: Thursday, April 12, 2007
Contact: Christopher Biddle, 609-393-7707, Ext. 227

Health insurance costs for New Jersey employers soared by an average of 11.3 percent to $7,561 per covered employee last year, NJBIA President Philip Kirschner said today in releasing the findings of the Association's 2007 Health Benefits Survey.

This marked the fifth consecutive year in which actual or anticipated costs increased by more than 10 percent.Given the effects of compounding, the total average cost has grown by 80 percent over the last five years.*

The survey found that fast-rising costs have taken a toll on the State’s smallest employers, those with 2-19 employees.Growing numbers of small businesses are dropping coverage altogether because they can no longer afford it.

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Entrepreneurs, cars and prescriptions. Time for you to save?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners today may lack sufficient medical insurance, especially when it comes to prescription medicine. But I bet they have a car. The car may have AAA coverage. If it does, guess what! You need to check out the prescription plan on the AAA site. No hassles, just discounts. Show your AAA card at your pharmacy and ask about discounts. The plan even includes a by mail 3 month supply with bigger discounts.

Have extensive lists of opportunities...?

Do you have small business resource links you'd like to pass on? Lists of 10 or more links may be emailed to wendy@thenationalnetworker.com . If there's nothing "questionable" I'll post them here and they may be included at a later time on The National Networker's site(s).

I love lists!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lyro.com and Business Card 2.0

I received the following from Workface LLCconcerning Lyro.com... I'll be doing further research here, and would love anyfeedback from our readers, as would the folkes at Lyro.com . - Wdk

Lyro.comLaunches Business Card 2.0
New digital business card directory helpsusers brand themselves

Release date: March 29, 2007
Minneapolis,MN - We're introducing Lyro – the business card 2.0. You are part of a selectgroup of blog owner/publishers that we are inviting to take an early “sneakpeek” at lyro. We see your blog as a major delivery vehicle for news andinformation and hope you'll have a willingness to cover our launch (good orbad).

Today, most of us use email and the internet to connect with othersand maintain effective business relationships. While a large amount ofsearchable data on people already exists on the internet, this information isnot always well organized, easily locatable, user friendly, or under individualcontrol in terms of what’s displayed and how. It remains difficult to get yourhands on the necessary business contact information you need to grow yourbusiness, or to help you get more leads and close more deals.

Lyro makesit faster and easier for potential customers, business partners, colleagues andacquaintances to search, find, and safely & securely contact each other.Unlike other existing contact management and networking sites, Lyro allows basicbusiness contact information – name, company, job title, address, phone number,and business URL (but not email addresses) – to be freely searched and exchangedover the Web. It also empowers people to control how that data is displayed.LyroMail (our anonymous messaging system) allows users direct contact with eachoth! er witho ut disclosing email addresses. "We believe it is the right ofindividuals to have a say in protecting their privacy while also being able toenjoy the fruits of freely promoting themselves and their business," said AudieDunham, leader of the lyro team.

Lyro is quickly gaining momentum inbusiness circles. “With Lyro, I can get basic information about me out on theWeb faster and easier than ever before. People can find me and make directcontact with me without the hassle of going through layers of their network orrelying on information from second and third hand sources. Yet, my email addresscan remain as secure as I choose to make it.” said lyro user Chris Toal, SeniorVice President of Marketing at Amplifon USA / Miracle-Ear®.

"We aspire tobecome the world's largest repository of digital business cards – whereeverybody who’s anybody can be found if they so choose," said Dunham. Lyro isintended to help business people to more effectively brand themselves on theweb.



Lyro provides the world’s first open, fully searchable online business card.Lyro’s mission is to collect, organize, and facilitate the use of a digitalbusiness profile for everyone who has need for a business card, and make thisinformation freely searchable and accessible across theInternet.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Publicity Hound: Free Articles

If You Have a Publicity Problem,

The Publicity Hound Has Your Solution

Publicity expert Joan Stewart shows you how to use free publicity to establish your credibility, enhance your reputation, position yourself as an expert, sell more products and services, promote a favorite cause or issue, and position your company as an employer of choice.

Free Tutorial: 89 Ways to Write
Powerful Press Releases
If you're writing press releases primarily for journalists, you're doing it the old way. Learn how to do it the new way--by writing direct-to-consumer press releases and posting them online so you can bring buyers directly into your sales funnel. If you want great public relations and publicity, you no longer have to rely exclusively on journalists--ever. And if they cover your story? Well, that's just gravy.

Joan offers among other things free articles and tutorials.

Monday, November 13, 2006

ThomasNet / ThomasResources: US Industrial Lookup

Another free site for investigating US Industries. Sign up for added benefits.

Monday, November 06, 2006

List of Free Article Submission Sites

This link takes you to Site-Reference.com
They have some great stuff in their newsletters.
Do a search on what interests you in their articles.
This article talks about getting your articles into syndication to increase web traffic and search engine rankings.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Visit your local library's website

Have an old library card in your wallet?

You might want to check up on your free benefits at your local, state or college library site.

Online lookups are super! Most are free. For smaller projects, you can't beat it. Maybe I'm just an info junkie, but FREE is great! I can spend hours just studying SIC # and descriptions. Brainstorming and marketing go hand in hand.

Information is Power.

MANTA - Free Business Resources


Explore their free business resources such as the bizblog, bizwiki, sample reports, and your free research tip of the day!

They have over 45 million business listings world-wide! Basic info is free. More sophisticated reports and details are available at a fee. This is a must check out!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Hello, World!
It's me again. This time I'm offering up unbelievable free resources and lists for entrepreneurs, small businesses, students, activists or just plain inquiring minds looking to get ahead.

No gimmicks here. No strings.

As VP Research and Development for The National NetWorker (ezine/blog) I stumble over many, many great resources and lists. I would like to use this blog as a landing place for this useful, timely information. Feel free to post your own comments/advice or email me with a topic you'd like to start.