Recapping the TxHeritage Leather Tool Tote

儿媳终于让我如愿以偿Above is the final version.I’ll walk through how Jason @txheritage on Instagram.

Awww!Dandelion gifts from Turner.Then on to handle making.
The end!

Small boxes with Kumiko – Class with Mike Pekovich

We started with beautiful strips of cherry that had dadoed grooves for the bottom, lip of the box and a groove for kumiko (the largest groove in the picture).Spray glue was used to attach the paper to the bottom and edges eased.Shellac was applied to the grooved side of the cherry board.

Then we used Mike’s clever jig shown here to cut the miters on the box sides.

Box sides were lined up against a straight edge, glued and clamped using blue tape.

Then we started on the kumiko lid inserts.

Above are a few photos of the kumiko process and some inspirational photos – all these photos were taken byDaniel Pittsford

Hope you enjoyed the post.

The End