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MIP, Inc. is a Metal Finishing company our primary expertise is plating tin and silver on aluminum.


欧美videosdesex老太太Secondary services include passivation, phosphating & oil, parkerizing.

欧美videosdesex老太太Our in-house laboratory provides for continuous analysis of all of our plating lines. Our quality assurance program utilizes a CMI International BMX Series thickness measurement instrument and a Veeco System XR X-Ray machine to measure thickness as well as on precision parts and components. We offer certification of all of our processes. We boast a less than 1% customer rejection rate.

MIP, Inc. is certified as a Class Two vendor using the ISO 9002 quality system. We are always pleased to work diligently to deliver the lead time your customer demands.

Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with all aspects of our plating process to expedite your orders. We take pride in the customer service offered at 欧美videosdesex老太太

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