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mm1311官网We have a wide variety of MovinCool models engineered to fit your needs. If your space needs cooling or heating, Spot Coolers hasyou covered.

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mm1311官网 Since 1985, Spot Coolers has provided temporary and emergency commercial air conditioning units, systems and services for people,equipment, buildings (offices) and companies throughout the nation.

We provide the best "on the spot" air conditioning solutions, meeting the cooling and heating needs of our customers in recordtime. From our air- and water-cooled portables to our trailer-mounted 12-ton units, our emergency service cooling rental fleetwill keep you cool.

Spot Coolers is the largest portable air conditioning supplier in the United States with 42 locations nationwide. Our portablecooling units and heating systems provide permanent or temporary (rental) solutions for short- and long-term cooling and heatingneeds.



Air Cooled

Air cooled units are the most universal, flexible type of portable air conditioner. They can be deployed for the majorityof spot cooling applications - set up and operational in minutes. They use ambient air in the environment around themso they don’t need any kind of special intake air system to operate. The heat created from the refrigeration processis exhausted off the top of the unit and can be ducted into the ceiling plenum or directed out the nearest door orwindow to exit the space.


Server Coolers

Server Coolers are specifically designed for offices filled with heat generating electronics. Computers, networks, communicationsand office equipment will shut down when the temperature rises, crippling daily operations. By bringing spot air-conditioningto just the area or room that needs it, the these units saves money while protecting your company's investment in equipmentand customers. Self-contained and portable, the these units requires no costly installation.


Heat Pumps

A “two for the price of one” package, heat pumps provide safe and reliable temperature control in both heating and coolingmode. Ideal for commercial applications in hospitals, office buildings, and institutional settings heat pumps can beused year round for those periodic heat waves or cool snaps without rolling in two types of units. The price differencebetween a heat pump and a cooling only air conditioner is modest which makes it a smart investment.


Low Temperature

Low temperature equipment is useful when the space to be cooled needs to be maintained at a lower ambient temperature 65Fas an example. Air cooled in design, the operating conditions are below that of standard air cooled units. Typicalapplications are computer rooms, server rooms, etc. as low temperature units continue to operate when the typical aircooled unit shuts off due to low make up air temperatures.


Summer is right around the corner. Is your Spot Coolers Portable Air Conditioner ready to handle the heat? Maybe it's timeto trade in your old unit for the newest model? Contact Spot Coolers for special trade-in offers on our latest, energyefficient portable air conditioning units, and be ready for whatever heat summer brings your way.

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